About Humana

Humana’s various business lines allow Humana to assist many types of consumers, including seniors, military members, and self-employed individuals.

Over their nearly 50-year history, Humana has transformed the healthcare industry for employers, employees, and individuals, of which Agents have been an integral part of Humana’s success.

GoHealth Rewards You!

When you sell HumanaOne products through GoHealth, we reward you with $5.00 for every issued ancillary policy, which you can use to purchase shared, exclusive, and live transfer leads! For more information about our lead program, click here.

How to Get Appointed with Humana

Are you interested in becoming appointed with HumanaOne or Humana Senior through GoHealth? Please follow the below steps:

  1. Complete the Online Humana Appointment Form
  2. Complete the Background Investigation Disclosure Form
  3. If you wish to add any non-resident states to your HumanaOne or Humana Senior appointment,download the Humana Non-Resident State Additions and send the completed document to your VMO Manager for submission to GoHealth
  4. Once Agency Services has received the Online Appointment Form and Background Investigation Disclosure Form, GoHealth will review and submit your appointment to Humana.