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GoHealth Marketplace Complete

Our most advanced package for individual agents adds an autoresponder, desktop meeting tool, and complete FFM integration to expand your business.

BrokerOffice CRM
FFM Submission Capability
FFM Tracking Info
On-Exchange Quoting
Off-Exchange Quoting
Subsidy Calculator
Ancillary Quoting
Senior Quote Engine
Application & Underwriting Status Capabilities
Consumer-Facing Marketplace

(Website upgrade available)
LeadMiner – Autoresponder Software
BrokerMeeting – Desktop Sharing & Conference tool
Retail Price
Setup Fee $999
Monthly Fee* $150
GoHealth Sponsorship
Setup Fee $(500)
Monthly Fee* $(150)
Your Total Cost after GoHealth Sponsorship
Setup Fee $499
Monthly Fee* $0

Maximize your earnings potential – Major Medical

Average 2 sales per day
5 days per week

Average Annual Premium

Average Monthly Lapsation

32 Minutes
Average Enrollment Call Time

Average Year One Earnings at 6%

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*Additional information:

A $25 submission fee applies to non-GoHealth VMO carriers only.

The $100 minimum monthly fee is waived for agents who issue 4 or more major medical policies through the VMO during the monthly billing cycle.

There is NO SUBMISSION FEE for GoHealth VMO carriers.