Helping you build a solid foundation for a successful year.

Medicare insurance sales offer just the right amount of stability and opportunity to set you up for success.

Why should you sell Medicare insurance?

  • Medicare policies have some of the highest first year and residual commissions
  • Medicare customers have an average five year, 80% retention rate
  • The new Individual Major Medical market looks a lot like Medicare has for years
  • Medicare products have undergone few material changes since 2009

We want to help you get in on the action, which is why we created the GoMedicare program. Here are just a few of the advantages to selling Medicare insurance with GoHealth in 2014:

Broader Portfolio We are actively adding the carriers you need to better serve your customers.

Detailed Product Training – Understanding how Medicare products work is half the battle, and our dedicated trainer is standing by to make sure that your Medicare knowledge is in top form.

Expert Sales Training – Let’s face it: the reason most agents don’t sell Medicare products is because they don’t know how. With your solid base of product knowledge, our sales trainer will have you primed to sell in no time.

Enhanced Lead Program – We have hot and ready Senior leads to help maximize your access to Medicare eligible consumers who want to buy insurance.

Co-Op Mailer Program – Reaching Medicare prospects doesn’t have to break the bank. Let us help you with your marketing.

Effective Compliance – GoHealth wants to help you create a model that will keep you and your customers safe.

For more information on the GoMedicare program, contact sales@gohealth.com.