GoHealth Marketplace

GoHealth Marketplace is a comprehensive Marketplace enrollment solution that gives GoHealth VMO agents the ability to instantly quote, compare, and directly enroll consumers in on- and off-exchange, short-term medical, fixed benefit, and ancillary plans. Complete with a tax subsidy calculator and integration with Healthcare.gov, it’s the ultimate solution for serving every clients needs.


Through GoHealth Marketplace, GoHealth VMO agents can leverage Web-Broker Entity status, enabling them to instantly quote health insurance rates, calculate tax subsidies, and enroll Americans in on- and off- exchange, short-term medical, fixed benefit, and ancillary health plans.

GoHealth Marketplace gives GoHealth VMO agents access to:

  • CRM functionality to manage leads and customers
  • On-exchange, off-exchange, and ancillary quotes
  • Tax subsidy calculation
  • Integration with Healthcare.gov
  • Policy tracking and sales attribution to guarantee payment after policy submission
  • Year-round sales capabilities


Enrollment Periods and Qualifying Events


Selling Plans through the GoHealth Marketplace

GoHealth Marketplace allows agents to continue selling throughout the year, not just during Open Enrollment. During the Special Enrollment Period, agents can quote and enroll clients in short-term medical, limited benefit, and ancillary plans.

GoHealth VMO agents now have the option to leverage innovative technology to produce tremendous results all year long.

Benefits of selling through the marketplace:

  • Ability to serve every client – subsidy eligible or non-subsidy-eligible
  • No clients denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions
  • Opportunity for higher commission payouts
  • Waived per-application fee for GoHealth VMO agents writing GoHealth VMO carrier policies
  • Year-round sales capability

Video Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it; check out the video testimonials below to hear real success stories from GoHealth VMO agents using the GoHealth Marketplace.

Atlanta, GA Insurance Agent