Agency Opportunities

Expand your business with:

  • High quality leads
  • Premium customized website
  • Sales automation tools
  • BrokerOffice ™
  • Incentives and trips
  • Recruiting support

Keep your business growing with tools, resources, and incentives from GoHealth!

  • High quality leads for your agents – Keep your agents on the phone, resulting in sold policies, with a continuous pipeline of high quality leads.
  • Premium customized website – Take your online presence to the next level with customization and SEO.
  • Sales automation tools – Gain access to tools designed to automate your business; automation that follows up on leads on your behalf!
  • BrokerOffice ™ – Provide your agents with this efficient tool for managing leads and providing oversight into your agents’ progress.
  • Incentives and trips – Rewards for the hard work you’ve invested in your business! GoHealth regularly hosts sales contests, incentive trips, and other special promotions; including cash bonuses!
  • Recruiting support – Benefit from our nationwide network recruiting efforts!