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Be Reform Ready: Our Tools Give You the Competitive Edge

GoHealth Virtual Marketing Organization (VMO) is a national insurance intermediary, working to leverage our carrier relationships, so we can provide you with the top under age-65 and Medicare products in the market. When you join GoHealth, you can rest assured we are ready and prepared for whatever may happen in Washington, and we can provide you with the tools and the security you need to keep moving ahead.

Now is NOT the time to put your business and career on hold. Instead, it’s time to assure that you are REFORM READY…no matter what the ruling is.

Why GoHealth VMO is Uniquely Positioned to Work for You…No Matter the Ruling

  1. Our growth over the past 3 years has been tremendous.
    As we all know, the past few years have been tumultuous and unsettling. Even so, GoHealth has been on an extremely strong growth track, beating the market in adding agents and sales achievements.
  2. We have the power of Norvax backing us with lead generation.
    Norvax has a 10-year history of growth and adaptation to market and technology changes. This company has proven, time and time again, that it is a leader.
  3. Our services will make you stronger, more efficient and more profitable.
    In order to succeed, you need access to cutting edge technology and tools designed to give you the edge in business. GoHealth will provide you:

    • BrokerOffice, a fully functional lead management system complete with a multi-carrier quote engine, automated email drip-marketer, web conferencing tool, quick proposal generator, and detailed reporting functionality.
    • Personalized website with a multi-carrier quote engine where you can direct prospects to help write policies.
    • Leads – shared, exclusive, and live transfer leads! Narrow your leads by geographic area, age range, and insured status. We’ll also help you by funding your lead account for eligible issued policies!
    • Access to top insurance carriers, providing you with all the products needed to provide the best solutions for your clients:  health, life, critical illness, accident, medicare and dental.
    • Aggressive commission payouts to ensure that you achieve your financial goals.
    • Incentives –monthly sales contests and special promotions regularly including cash bonuses.

Be Reform Ready! GoHealth VMO has the tools and technology to put you ahead of your competition and keep you on top!

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